EXHIBITION IN VOLUME - Perception by touch - Black Sea Inhabitants

The project "Black Sea Inhabitants" by NGO One Nature in partnership with Regional Historical Museum Burgas is aimed at the development and implementation of an interactive exhibition for blind people, showing the most interesting and memorable sea residents. This group of people is completely ignored in the work of museums, the creation of exhibitions and events. Even the buildings and permanent exhibitions are unsuitable for a visit by people with similar disabilities. A traveling exhibition of this kind will allow people (blind and sighted) across Bulgaria to see trough touch some of the Black Sea inhabitants and learn interesting facts about their biology.


  • Black Sea and its inhabitants is a favorite topic of young and old, but it is very hard see up close.
  • Blind people can hear different animals, but can not see the beauty, colors and variety of shapes and dimensions.
  • Museums and galleries in Bulgaria and throughout the world are "debtors" to people with disabilities as exhibitions are mostly not tailored to their special needs.



  • 3D models in real size of 15 fish species emblematic for Bulgarian waters: turbot, sole, dogfish, chernokop, garfish, bonito, goby, sprat, mullet, bream, skorpid, skate and others.
  • 3D model in natural size of the smallest dolphin species in the Black sea - harbor porpoises.
  • Black Sea Shells of molluscs - clams (scallop, devil's claw, patella, anadara black clamshell kardium etc.), snails, sea acorn.
  • Dried seahorses, sea needles, crabs.
  • Feathers of waterfowl because when stuffed the skins of birds and other animals is brushed with poisonous substances, which can not be used in exhibition perceived by touch.
  • Sound system that plays back sound characteristic of the species and brief information about them.
  • Braille texts (name and brief information on the species).
  • Replica of a nest with eggs of Mediterranean Yellow-legged Gull - Larus michahellis or as we know it all - seagull.


Estimated total budget is 10 175.00 BGN.



12 months by full funding


PARTNERS and other organizations, institutions participating in the project:

  • Regional Historical Museum Burgas & ndash; host of project events and opening.
  • Union of the Blind in Bulgaria & ndash; consultant, Braille texts, recipients.


Radovesta Stewart

Tel: 00359896809038

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